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Booking Materials in the Collection

A LOGON is Required Before Booking

Teachers may book materials for the normal loan period directly from the results of a search, and may also display all their bookings whether the bookings were made from this site or by other means. To keep these transactions both private and secure, the person who performs these functions must first LOGON and provide a valid Teacher ID before being allowed to complete a transaction. If these functions are attempted without a valid LOGON, a warning to that effect will be issued, followed by an opportunity to LOGON and continue the transaction. A LOGON is valid for five minutes from the time of LOGON or from the time of the most recent booking or display transaction.

Use the REGISTER option to get a Teacher ID

You must have a Teacher ID to LOGON. Use the REGISTER option to select a Teacher ID. If you are unsure of your school's School ID, click on the SCHOOL link to view the groups to which your school might belong. Click on your group to display a list of all the schools in that group. Next find your school in the list and click on it. You will be returned to the REGISTER form with your School Name and School ID already filled in. You may select your Teacher ID - it should be at least four letters or numbers with no blanks or punctuation. Since each person must have a unique Teacher ID, it is possible (but unlikely) that the one you select has already been selected by another teacher. If it is, just pick another and try again.

When you submit your Registration Request you will get a confirmation on the screen within about 20 seconds. Then after a few seconds, the system will perform an automatic LOGON for you. At this point you will be able to book materials online. If you teach at more than one school, you may wish to register more than once, once for each school. In this case, it is OK to use the same Teacher ID for the other schools. When you register at more than one school, make sure to specify the proper school when you LOGON.

Identifying the Borrowing School

After the initial use of a browser to LOGON and make a booking, the LOGON screen will appear with the School Name and School ID already filled in. In this situation, only the remaining boxes must be filled in before submitting the screen to LOGON. If the School Name and School ID boxes are empty, you must enter the School ID as a part of the LOGON. If you are unsure of your school's School ID, click on the SCHOOL link to view the groups to which your school might belong. Click on your group to display a list of all the schools in that group. Next find your school in the list and click on it. You will be returned to the LOGON form with your School Name and School ID already filled in.

Identifying the Teacher

The remaining two boxes on the LOGON form identify the person borrowing the material by Last Name and then validate this entry through a unique personal identification number or Teacher ID. The purpose of the Teacher ID is to verify that the person filling in the form is really the person whose name is entered. The Teacher ID thus serves as a sort of password which validates the person to use the system. When you have entered both the Last Name and the Teacher ID, then submit the form. Your LOGON will be confirmed in a couple of seconds. Your LOGON will automatically expire if you do not interact with the system for five minutes. Each interaction with the system grants an additional five minutes of access.

Librarian Booking on Behalf of a Teacher

If a librarian makes bookings on behalf of a teacher at the school, the Teacher LAST Name is used in the LOGON, and the teacher's Teacher ID is used to validate the LOGON, just as though the teacher were making the booking. When the librarian desires to make a transaction for a different teacher, a new LOGON on behalf of the new teacher is required. Note that the previous teacher will be LOGGED OFF automatically in this case. If a public access web browser is used for booking, it is recommended for security reasons that an explicit LOGOFF be done when the browser is no longer in use. However, failing to LOGOFF is not really a problem, since the LOGON will automatically expire after five minutes of inactivity.

Selecting a Title to be Booked

Once a search has displayed a list of materials, it is possible to move immediately to the BOOKING REQUEST SCREEN by clicking on the search result number in [ ]'s at the left of the row displaying the desired title. If details of the title are required before making a booking, the title itself may be clicked to view a full catalog entry. At the bottom of this entry is a link which may be clicked to BOOK THIS MATERIAL.

Selecting a USE DATE for the Booking

On the BOOKING REQUEST SCREEN which is then displayed, all information except the USE DATE will already be entered. To request a booking, replace the date entry instructions in the USE DATE field with the date when the patron desires to use the material. The booking system knows when truck deliveries are made to the school and how long teachers at that school normally keep a material. The date of arrival at the school and the date the material will be picked up by the truck for return from the school will be automatically computed by the system based on the USE DATE supplied.

Exploring Alternate USE DATES

In the case that the desired USE DATE cannot be honored or when the date of actual use is flexible, it is often helpful to view all the possible USE DATES in an entire month. This is possible from the BOOKING REQUEST SCREEN through the Availability Calendar button. To use this option, place any date in the month in question in the USE DATE field and click the Availability Calendar button.

A display of the month requested shows available USE DATEs in BLUE, unavailable USE DATEs in GRAY, and impossible USE DATES (dates that are too far in the future or too close to allow for shipping) in RED. You may click on any BLUE USE DATE to make a booking for that date - no further entry is required. You may also click on Previous Month or Next Month to view the selected month in a similar display.

Viewing Bookings for the Current Teacher

The status of future bookings for the teacher currently LOGGED ON may be viewed and optionally printed using the print command of the web browser. Press the My Bookings button on the left side of the screen to perform the search and display the results. A booking will appear in this listing immediately after it is made. If the display is requested within a day of the time that a booking was made, the booking will be flagged with a small NEW icon signifying that it is a newly made booking. Bookings are listed in order by delivery date, with those bookings due to arrive soonest at the beginning of the list.

It is also possible to display only those bookings just added, and to print them out as a confirmation using your browser's PRINT function. Just press the My New Bookings botton on the left side of the screen to do this. Note that all the bookings displayed have the NEW icon signifying that they were recently booked.

The My Past Bookings button displays all your bookings since the beginning of the previous school year. Each booking is followed by a REBOOK link which may be used to book the material again. Just click on the link and fill in the date desired and submit the request - that's all there's to it.

Building Level Reports Facilitate Sharing

Two reports of interest both to teachers and to librarians/media specialists are available. Both reports are based on the materials requested by all teachers in the building, not just the person currently logged on. Neither report indicates who has (or will have) the materials listed, just that the materials are (or will be) in the building for the dates indicated.

The first report, Now Playing, displays all the materials currently in the building on loan. During the school year, teachers may wish to use this listing to arrange for sharing materials currently in the building. By showing return dates for each material, Now Playing also serves as a check list for teachers and others responsible for returning materials; this is especially useful at the end of the school year to help make sure all materials are returned.

The second report, Coming Soon, displays all the materials currently scheduled to be in the building in the next four weeks, arranged in order by date of arrival. This option can also be used to facilitate sharing of materials as well as to remind teachers and media specialists of incoming materials.

Today's Hint: To get a Wednesday delivery date, enter Thursday's date as the Show Date.
To get a Friday delivery date, enter Monday's date as the Show Date.
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