Browser Environment

Uh-oh - something's wrong - probably one of these:
- your browser DOES NOT have cookies turned ON.
- OR you have not logged in successfully (ever)
- OR the location address above is a number instead of a name.
(If it is a NUMBER (like ''), you must find the right link
(the one that uses a NAME, like '').
- OR the address in the location box at the top of the window
is NOT the address your organization uses now.

If it is NOT a number, and you are connected to the site
your organization wants you to use, then your browser
probably has cookies turned OFF.
If that is the case, you will want to ask for help
from your IT department to turn on cookies.
You may search without cookies, but you may not LOGON
(in order to BOOK resources) without cookies.

You originally connected to

If you originally connected with a bookmark
OTHER than one that was
try connecting again by clicking here
and bookmarking that page instead .
(get of your old, incorrect bookmark). .
When you see the main page again, log in again.

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