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This site contains DVD and VHS format instructional resources available through Howard County Public School System for use by teachers.

  • Materials are available for preview.

  • Click on Title Search, Keyword Search, or browse by subject with Browse Search,

  • Only Howard County Public School System teachers and librarians can logon for actual bookings.

  • The system is operational 7 days a week between the hours of 6:30 AM and 11:30 PM.

  • Click on this NEW icon to see the newly purchased materials. materials.

Check out the new options as explained below!!

Two new reports of interest both to teachers and to library media specialists are available. Both reports are based on the materials requested by all teachers in the building, not just the person currently logged on. Neither report indicates who has (or will have) the materials listed, just that the materials are (or will be) in the building for the dates indicated.

The first new option, Now Playing, displays all the materials currently in the building on loan from the Central A/V Library. During the school year, teachers may wish to use this listing to arrange for sharing materials currently in the building. By showing return dates for each material, Now Playing also serves as a check list for teachers and others responsible for returning materials; this is especially useful at the end of the school year to help make sure all materials are returned.

The second new option, Coming Soon, displays all the materials currently scheduled to come to the building in the next four weeks, arranged in order by date of arrival. This option can also be used to facilitate sharing of materials as well as to remind teachers and media specialists of incoming materials.

Catalog last updated 04/15/18.
Today's Hint: To get a Wednesday delivery date, enter Thursday's date as the Show Date.
To get a Friday delivery date, enter Monday's date as the Show Date.
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